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17 Photos Proving That Life Wins No Matter What

We’re used to seeing the power of nature during times of destruction, like during tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and other disasters. And very rarely do we witness how peaceful this power can be — perhaps we just need to be more attentive to see it.

The Bright Side team is giving you a chance to take a moment and look at some photos that feature life itself.

1. It didn’t just grow on a brick wall, it actually started to bloom!

2. You can do a lot when you want to survive.

3. Potatoes that were forgotten in a sauna

4. This is what breaks the roads!

5. “I saw a miracle this morning. In an old, big tree, right in the middle of it, where it’s safe from the winds and bad weather, something green was growing.”

6. Literally life after death

7. “This garden in a tiny pothole in the sidewalk”

8. This tree that was burned in a bushfire continues to live.

9. We bought eggs and put them into a bowl. 17 days later, one of the eggs started moving and stopped. We were sad. And 1 day later, my husband said, “We have a beast there.”

“5 more yellow guys hatched later. Quails are cute animals that sleep and poop everywhere. Now they’re 50 to 55 days old. Several days later, they laid new eggs and are going to move out of town soon.”

10. “Absolutely no idea where the roots of the bush are...”

11. “Last spring I planted a bunch of vegetables, but I wasn’t very diligent in the garden and most of them died. But one carrot seed was dormant all winter, survived the competition against the weeds, and survived!”

12. “This is a basketball hoop coming out of a tree. Wonder how long it took for the tree to grow around the post.”

13. Spring

14. “Rewilding is a sliding scale from megascale projects down to these flowers pushing through the asphalt nearly 6,000 feet above sea level in −2 degrees...”

15. Even concrete can’t stop life!

16. A tree growing from a third floor window

17. And some trees don’t even care about gravity.

Have you ever seen examples of life beating incredible odds? Share your pictures in the comment section below!

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