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17 Photos Showing How Much Modern Women Are Different From Their Peers From the Previous Century

In the past 100 years, people’s lives have changed completely. Work has become way easier, life conditions have improved, and medicine has advanced. These things have led to the fact that now we live much longer than our predecessors. And of course, it changed our appearance. Just look at how much modern singers, scientists, and writers are different from their colleagues from the past.

We at Bright Side have found the photos of women from the previous centuries and compared them to the women of today.

Miss America Margaret Gorman and actress Millie Bobby Brown at the age of 16

Austrian Baroness Mary Vetsera and model Kaia Gerber at the age of 17

19-year-old singer Józefina Reszke and her modern colleague Billie Eilish

Composer Alma Mahler and actress Saoirse Ronan at the age of 23

Coco Chanel and model Cara Delevingne at the age of 27

Writer Willa Cather and her colleague Sally Rooney at 28

Opera singer Nellie Melba and singer Taylor Swift at the age of 29

Mathematician Sofya Kovalevskaya and engineer Katie Bouman at the age of 30

Tennis player Charlotte Cooper and her colleague Maria Sharapova at the age of 34

The wife of George V Mary of Teck and Meghan Markle at the age of 35

38-year-old society hostess Alice Keppel and model Kim Kardashian

Philosopher Edith Stein and writer Donna Tartt at the age of 39

Artist Gabriele Münter and actress Rosamund Pike at the age of 40

Dancer Isadora Duncan and singer Shakira at the age of 43

Artist Anna Botsford and director Sofia Coppola at the age of 46

Scientist Maria Skłodowska-Curie and her colleague Jennifer Doudna at the age of 52

Nobel Prize winner Bertha von Suttner and PhD graduate from the Royal College of Art, Cindy Sherman, at the age of 63

Do you think that people’s appearance will change a lot in the next 100 years? What will the beauty standards of the future be like? Tell us in the comment section below.

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