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17 Photos That Prove the Right Haircut Will Make Any Man Look Like a Greek God

Women are often not satisfied with their appearance and are ready to make radical changes to how they look. And some ladies just love diversity and so they are always ready to turn into a blonde or get an unusual hairstyle.

But when it comes to men, they are more conservative about hairstyles. And we don’t think they should be. Our 17 examples will prove to you that men shouldn’t be afraid of making changes to their appearance.

Bright Side has found several examples of how amazing the changes in men’s appearances can be if the hairstyle is right.

1. “I donated my hair to Wigs for Kids this week!”

2. “Finally decided to chop the flow and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

3. “I chopped the mop after a good 2+ years. Beyond excited with the results!”

4. This guy looks great in both pictures.

5. “I think I made the right decision.”

6. “Got a haircut after having the ‘Bieber’ cut for 9 years.”

7. “2 lbs donated to Wigs for Kids.”

8. He lost the curls and now he looks far more serious.

9. “Grew my hair for about a year and decided to get it cut today. Really happy with the result.”

10. “Had a breakthrough and told my barber to do whatever he wanted with it. I think it turned out well.”

11. This guy also donated his hair to children

12. “Before and after: Pretty happy with the change and glad I could donate it.”

13. He definitely doesn’t need the bangs.

14. Completely different people

15. He looks way more masculine now.

16. “It’s officially been a month since I made this change. I was so scared but the feedback has been amazing and I love it!”

17. “New haircut, new me.”

Do you or your man have long hair or a short cut? Are you ready to radically experiment with your hair?

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