17 Pics That Prove Life Can Be Scarier Than Any Horror Flick

When we dim the lights, curl up with a warm blanket, and watch our fave horror film, we are sort of ready to get scared. But sometimes life is better at creating horror plots than any Hollywood scriptwriter, and it creeps you out when you least expect it.

Here at Bright Side we are not afraid of spooky characters from horror stories, but just like the heroes from this article, we sometimes get startled in our everyday lives.

1. “My dog was holding a chew in her mouth.”

2. “Woke up to these 2 sharing a laugh on my patio.”

3. “My friend’s cat likes to catch lizards... This one caught him back.”

4. “Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake...”

5. “Wife and I went out one night and came home to my son sleeping like this.”

6. “I work graveyard at the mall alone, and this was in the middle of the floor at 4 a.m. this morning.”

7. When you open the trash and suddenly...

8. Watch Netflix, they said. Relax, they said.

9. “My son asked for an octopus pancake, and I may have accidentally summoned some sort of Eldritch horror instead.”

10. Someone please call the Exorcist! Oh, wait, that’s my cat...

11. “My daughter was throwing a tantrum, and hid her face under a pillow.”

12. “My dog’s face through her favorite toy”

13. “This thing scared the hell out of me getting into a customer’s car today.”

14. “When you scare your wife with the cardboard figure she bought you 5 years ago.”

15. “My daughter pretending to be a ghost at the hospital. Probably a poor choice.”

16. “The little ghost I found in my tea seems a bit disappointed.”

17. “My 8 year old almost made me burn my house down.”

When was the last time you saw something scary? Did you manage to take a picture of the thing that made your hair stand on end? Show it to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit ElectricBOOTSxo / Reddit
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