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17 Unique Shops That Know How to Surprise Their Customers

Going to the grocery or hardware store is usually a chore that doesn’t stir up any special emotions. But things may be different if you visit a supermarket that has something unique, whether it is an interior element or a product they sell. For example, in Salt Lake City, there’s a shopping mall with a real mountain stream running through it. In Paris, there’s a shop that sells colorful toilet paper. And it’s presented on the shelves as if it were some kind of elite wallpaper.

Here are another 17 places where the Bright Side editorial team would love to go shopping.

1. This store only sells things in all shades purple.

2. This grocery store has a carpeted floor.

3. In the English city of Southwick, there is a store in which balloons are used to designate areas with particular products.

4. At this grocery store, customers can use a special escalator for their shopping cart."

5. In Italy, there’s a shop that sells pillows in the shape of pasta.

6. In Salt Lake City, there’s a shopping mall with a real mountain stream running through the middle of it.

7. In Paris, there’s a shop that sells colored toilet paper.

8. This shop in Berlin only sells pillows and blankets that look like meat and salami.

9. Here you can buy LEGO pieces by weight.

10. In Japan, they have gourmet KitKat shops.

We should note that Japan is a real paradise for KitKat lovers. The Nestlé company, that is a manufacturer of this popular chocolate bar, has offered more than 300 different KitKat flavors since 2000. They include ginger ale, soy sauce, red beans, purple sweet potato, crème brûlée, green tea, sake, maple, sakura, wasabi, rock salt, and other flavors. This is what a shelf with these chocolate bars looks like in one of the shops.

11. The shopping mall in Moscow has the world’s tallest tube aquarium (it’s more than 65 ft tall).

12. In the Italian city of Grottaglie, there’s a pottery shop with an underground and very deep cave beneath it, and its entrance is covered with glass.

13. A shop in Germany has parking for its shopping carts.

14. In Norway, there’s a shop with unusual hours.

“The shop is open:
Monday — Friday — 09:43–17:08
Thursday — 09:43–18:04
Saturday— 09:56–16:04”

15. This store uses an inflatable ventilation system. John McClane wouldn’t like this."

16. This shoe store has a test area.

17. There’s a slide near the stairs at this clothing store.

Have you ever visited a shop that had a unique feature or product?

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