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17 Uplifting Pictures That Show How Life Is Just a Big Puddle of Happiness

Anxiety disorders and depression are things that affect many people nowadays, and our way of life is the main factor. We realize that seeing a few pictures might not mean much to some of you, but it’s not just about a couple of pictures. It’s about what these pictures represent and how they relay their message to the world. It’s about realizing that life is all about the smaller things that happen on a daily basis, that enlighten us in ways we can’t even imagine.

Bright Side is proud to send good vibes and positive messages to the world through these 17 uplifting images.

1. How it started vs how it’s going.

2. “When you live in a state that isn’t always very welcoming to the LGBT community, seeing our allies is always a heartwarming moment.”

3. “My daughter’s crayon version of Starry Night she did after we talked about famous art.”

4. “I like growing crystals at home. I recently finished growing this crystal after 1 month, and it’s one of my favorites.”

5. “After a long year fighting cancer my husband went back to the work he loves today.”

6. “My brother, who suffers from severe ADHD and depression, graduated from high school a few days ago.”

7. “Before bed last night I noticed a kitten was missing. I found him with my oldest son.”

8. “Came back to school and finished my MBA at age 39. Feels good, man.”

9. “I’m scared to show my face but I went to prom yesterday and had the time of my life.”

10. “A while back I caught my wife having a moment with our dog. I thought it was sweet.”

11. “Rainbow stairs”

12. “My little girl turned 3 today, so I baked her this cake. She always makes me smile.”

13. “The start of a beautiful friendship”

14. “My GF’s dog and I had a moment.”

15. “1,001 days sober! 4 digit club.”

16. “A proud mama”

17. “Chopped off 20 inches of my hair to donate today.”

What is the most promising and emotional thing you’ve seen lately, and what did it teach you about life?

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