18 Before and After Pics That Prove Fixing Small Details Makes a World of Difference

The wonderful thing about photography is that it allows us to capture certain moments and save them to come back to whenever it feels like we need them. This was precisely what some Reddit users did, capturing the “before and after” of some of the rooms in their homes before being remodeled, of their body transformations after having undergone plastic surgery, and even of their pets after going to the groomer.

Bright Side loves to witness people’s progress and, for that reason, we prepared this compilation of images that proves it in a perfect way.

1. “My NB1 seats before and after reupholstering”

2. “45 lb lost in 6 months — same outfit in the before and after, but the sweater isn’t being stretched out anymore, so now you can see the pattern!”

3. “A before and after of my small apartment kitchen — I don’t miss the orange!”

4. “A before and after of a hoarder’s house we cleaned out — ready to renovate!”

5. “A 1972 Datsun 240z restoration”

6. “Just finished this backyard succulent project.”

7. “A before/after haircut for Velvet — we can create a whole new rabbit with all that extra fluff.”

8. “A before and after of our Philly Rowhome kitchen renovation we just completed this week!”

9. “I always find the before and after of cleaning my shoes nice.”

10. “This is my prayer plant in July vs now. I cut up and propagated her, and she’s shot out 8 new leaves since repotting about a month ago!”

11. “Before and after!”

12. “240 lb to 155 lb, lost 85 lb from May 2018 to May 2021.”

13. “The view of my balcony before and after they removed a tree”

14. “The neighbors’ house before and after a power wash — rainy season here is brutal on people’s roofs.”

15. “My setup, before and after”

16. “A before and after of my patio :)”

17. “This is a before and after of my stairs. I know it’s not for everyone, but I love how girly they are.”

18. “8 days post-op, just got my cast off today. It’s pretty swollen but I’m very happy with it!”

Are there any objects or people that, for you, are living proof of progress? We’d love to see your before and after photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit curiousvoid / Reddit
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