18 Corporate Gifts That Can Make Any Employee Want to Write a Resignation Letter

We always feel weird when someone gives us a gift just because they have to, and it’s really sad. Of course, people don’t expect their boss to give them something that will change their lives, but going home with a burger voucher is actually worse than no gift at all.

The people from this Bright Side article complained about such ridiculous gifts. We hope that their friends and family have something better waiting for them.

1. “My sister got this from work this week.”

2. “They seriously gave my mom this.”

Elite Care “Self-Support” Kit
— ERASER, a reminder that we all make mistakes, but we can wipe the slate clean.
— PENNY, so you will never have to say, “I’m broke.”
— MARBLE, in case someone says, “You’ve lost all yours.”
— RUBBERBAND, to stretch yourself beyond your limits.
— PAPER CLIP, to hold things together when it falls apart.
— LIFESAVER, to remind you of the many times others need your help and you need theirs.
— TOOTHPICK, to pick out the good in others including yourself.
— BAND-AID, to remedy any hurt you’re feeling.
— A HUG, in case you need one and to remind you that someone, somewhere cares about YOU!

3. “This definitely makes up for the toxic work environment and forced overtime!”

4. “12 years at a company working 9-8. Here’s the Christmas bonus.”

5. “My Christmas bonus”

6. “This is what I got as a present.”

7. “My Christmas gift from my boss”

8. “Our yearly Christmas bonus, 2 per person”

9. “Bonus? No. Hazard pay? No. Here’s a cheap snowflake.”

10. “7 pieces of stale candy and a card full of empty platitudes”

11. “I haven’t received a Christmas bonus in many years from the boss. That changed today. Merry Christmas!”

12. “Our Christmas bonus in one of the company’s most profitable years”

13. “Management gets bonus checks, while regular employees get water bottles.”

14. “Imagine getting this as a gift bag from your boss.”

15. “The Christmas bonus I received once upon a time after 5 years on the job.”

16. “Our holiday ’bonus,’ a $15 off coupon for a Butterball turkey.”

17. “Here’s my Christmas bonus.”

18. “Helped my company’s accounting team get $190 million in profits sorted this year.”

Have you ever gotten corporate presents? Can you show them to us?

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