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18 People That Did Something Silly and Had a Good Laugh

This has probably happened to everyone: you say something silly and only later do you realize how silly it was. But it’s really important to not overestimate the importance of these moments and to try to treat them with humor and irony.

We at Bright Side have found some funny stories from our users and decided to share the ones we loved the most with you.

  • A lady bought a laptop from me and today I got a text from her, “Good morning, your laptop doesn’t work well. I went to a repairman, and he said it was broken. Let’s try and solve this problem because it looks like you robbed me.” This would be totally fine except that she bought the laptop 2 years ago! © rootie / Pikabu
  • I teach 6th grade. One time a parent came to me after trying to help their child with math homework and asked, “What number is x equal to? It feels like it changes with every problem!” © estrogyn / Reddit
  • A guy I know went to the forest with his family. His son (5 years old) started complaining because he wanted to go home. And then his mom points somewhere and says, “Look, bigfoot!” It was a joke, but the kid started crying and ran in the opposite direction. So did the father and the mother. © “Podslushano” / Vk
  • This morning my son said his ear hurt and I asked: on the inside or the outside? So he walks out the front door, then comes back in and says: “Both.” © Dadsaysjokes / Twitter
  • I work in IT and had an employee just last week complain that her speaker’s volume was too low. Turns out she didn’t have speakers and the sound was coming out of the tower under the desk. © Darkstdragon / Reddit

"Got a stupid Minecraft tattoo. My mom wasn't happy."

  • I was on my way home from work and I saw 3 girls passing by. They smiled at me and I smiled back. I was really happy. I went into the supermarket and I saw that they were outside giggling, one of them even waved at me. When I came home, I notice some bird poop on my jacket. So, I had spent the entire morning with bird poop on my clothes and a smile on my face. Then I realized that the girl was just pointing it out to me. © Impulsive / Pikabu
  • I did something really silly yesterday. When I was leaving home, I took a bag with some new clothes so I could put it in the car and a bag of trash. So, I was talking on the phone when I went up to the dumpster, and I ended up throwing away both bags. © ZSBooka / LiveJournal
  • I used to manage a retail store that sold teen clothing, so as expected, I primarily had teens working for me. One employee came to the back room while I was on break and asked what I was eating. Somehow the topic turned to how I should’ve brought chicken for lunch because she wanted chicken. I told her I was vegetarian and therefore didn’t eat meat... She tells me chicken is NOT meat. It’s “poultry,” and vegetarians can eat poultry!!??? She said at the grocery store the aisles list “meat” and “poultry” separately, so they’re obviously different. We argued for a couple of minutes before I finally told her to go back to the sales floor. © Toomanyplantfriends / Reddit

"My school’s restroom lock is on the outside."

  • I recently spent 20 minutes on the phone with a board member trying to diagnose why his camera wasn’t working for our online meetings. Funny thing: you have to actually have a camera in order for it to work. © ibrariandown / Reddit
  • Customers arguing that their tattoo is backward while their artist tries to explain that no, your tattoo is fine, it just looks backward because that’s how mirrors work. © ThatVoiceDude / Reddit
  • I went to the market to buy some honey and I said to the man:
    “Can I please have some honey?”
    “What honey?”
    I looked at him in a weird way and said,
    “The one from the bee.”
    And he looked at me as if I was stupid and sold me the honey. He said it was from the best bee in his apiary. © ankiyara / Twitter
  • My dad is a pesticide investigator for the state and heard this as a complaint: “I set out all these bird feeders and birdbaths, but not one bird has come to my yard. I bet it is all those pesticides that crop duster is laying down in the field.” — a local school board member, as they were standing in their 5-acre yard with 20 or more cats running around. © CTeam19 / reddit

  • We decided to prank our neighbor so we wrote on his wall: “Jack, I’m pregnant.” We wanted him to finish the renovation faster, but now his wife is screaming the sound that is much worse than any drill. © “Palata № 6” / Vk

Do you have any absurd stories you would like to share?

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