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18 People Who Stumbled Upon Something Worth Saving

From a funny-shaped fruit that tricks our eyes into thinking it’s a bird to discovering a century-old newspaper in your basement, there are gems all around us. Some people are lucky enough to see a piece of hail the size of their fist and others find a free wedding dress. However, we could be just as fortunate since these surprises can show up any time and put a smile on our faces.

Bright Side is sharing some of the epic things that people have found in their lives and we thought you all deserved to see them too.

1. “A rainbow in a piece of Selenite”

2. This papaya that looks like a dove

3. “This unique carrot”

4. “The face on this pack of sliced cheese.”

5. “Piece of hail I found in my backyard after a tornado came through our town when I was in high school”

6. “Got my wedding dress for FREE at a local second-hand shop. It has actual boning, gold bird fabric, and POCKETS.”

7. “Grandpa’s calculator from the ’40s.”

8. “The limescale on the inside of this toilet tank looks like a painting of mountains.”

9. “The garlic in my homemade dilly beans turned blue.”

10. “Mushrooms are stronger than asphalt.”

11. “A napkin from a military pack”

12. “113-year-old penny I found in the till at work today”

13. “Found a 105-year-old newspaper from New York.”

14. “A wasp nest in a lamppost”

15. “A bottle of 1970s aftershave, found buried in my backyard”

16. “A white eggplant”

17. These colorful mushrooms someone found

18. “My mom sent me this picture of a beast acorn! Fork for scale.”

What have you found when digging in your backyard or cleaning out a basement? What vintage surprises do you own that you can share with us in the comments?

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