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18 Photos That Allow You to Travel Through Time

The trend of recreating old pics seems to be standing the test of time. Siblings recreating the exact image with the same quirky expressions, a son finding a bridge where his father held him as a baby, or a grandpa who wanted to relive a special Santa moment once again — such moments hold true sentimental value.

Since you’re reading this article, we at Bright Side reckon you’re also an admirer of the recreate-your-old-pic trend. So we’ll treat you to a fresh selection of 18 pics that will make you feel like you’re on a time-traveling journey. Buckle up and enjoy.

1. “20+ years later, we’re still a bunch of dirty boys.”

2. “It’s unexplainable how much effort and commitment went into this photo remake of me and my brother.”

3. “17 years apart — 2004 cicada brood — 2021 cicada brood”

4. “My bros and me, part 2”

5. “For my mom’s sixtieth birthday, my brothers, my cousin, and I recreated a photo from my first day of kindergarten.”

6. “34 years apart”

7. “Found the exact spot on this stone bridge where my dad held me 30 years ago.”

8. “Pop wanted to recreate his childhood Santa photo.”

9. “My son and me, 27 years apart — same Moses blanket, basket, and onesie!”

10. “My son and me, age 3”

11. “My fiancé and I finally found the same spot in Central Park where my grandparents took this photo back in the ’40s.”

12. “3 sisters, 37 years apart — I don’t know why it took us so long to make one of these.”

13. “My best friend and me during our first day of high school and then our last day!”

14. “The tree and me, 2003 vs 2020!”

15. “40+ years later”

16. “Me with my newborn son, and my father holding me as a baby”

17. “My mother holding me (1989) vs me holding my son (2017)”

18. “My son in 2010, and me in the ’80s — both were taken in my parents’ backyard.”

Which of these photos do you think wins the award for “best-recreated pic?” Do you have any recreated pics you want to share with us?

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