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18 Pictures That Prove Nature Hides Many Unseen Things for Us

Nature gives us many special moments. One day we understand why they are called eggplants. We meet a baby bat and realize how small and sweet it is. And we see a mushroom that has started to grow through the ceiling. These are little miracles that nature surprises us with every day.

We at Bright Side are never bored with our planet and want to share 20 pictures of these little miracles with you.

1. “Eggplants that actually look like eggs”

2. “I saw funky looking mushrooms this morning.”

3. “Baby snapping turtles look just like little dinosaurs.”

4. “This orange with a single mutated slice.”

5. “Here’s my cat. He has thumbs.”

6. “This mushroom growing from my friend’s ceiling.”

7. “My vitiligo has turned half of my upper eyelashes white.”

8. “This flower my friend found in Thailand... Apparently the locals eat it.”

9. “A bowling pin-shaped egg from my chicken”.

10. “I found a baby bat rolling on my deck this morning.”

11. Blue lobster

12. “Shoes overgrown with moss came out of a tree that was cut down.”

13. “A butterfly landed on my nose today and hung out for a bit.”

14. “Apparently dirt won’t stick to the part of my hand where I normally wear my wedding ring.”

15. “This natural heptagram in an amethyst geode found in Mexico”

16. “The difference in shoe wear between my regular foot and my prosthetic foot after a year.”

17. “My dogs face mirrored creates 2 very different dogs.”

18. This fish has “wings.”

Has nature ever surprised you? Do you have any pictures of it? Please, share them with us!

Preview photo credit -BunuB- / reddit
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