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19 Examples That Prove How Much We Don’t Know About Ordinary Things

Ordinary things can be full of surprises. For example, blue-black bees, albino peacocks, and yellow watermelons really do exist. And a chameleon lying on a camouflage backpack is a thing that you probably don’t get to see every day. But Twitter and Reddit users seem to know a lot about unusual stuff, and they’re ready to surprise anybody with just one photo.

We at Bright Side couldn’t have imagined half the things Internet users managed to find, and they’ve presented their discoveries in such unique ways, it’s impossible not to give a “like” to their posts.

“This is what a chameleon looks like when it’s lying on my camouflage backpack.”

Kiwi fruit under UV light

“My mom microwaved some birdseed and accidentally made tiny popcorn.”

“My dad works at a place that makes car windshields. Here is the excess dust that remains after the work is done (the person is for scale).”

A pigeon’s wings under UV light

If you take a picture of a flock of birds in the sky at the right time, you’ll see this.

“It’s time to reveal the fact that the size of an average mole is 1.9 inches. I wasn’t the only one who thought it was the size of a dog, right?!”

“Not all bees are yellow and black. Amegilla bees have blue stripes.”

A painter’s palette from Ancient Egypt

This isn’t a cloud. This is the wind blowing the snow off the mountain.

This is how an iceberg rolls over:

“This old tree broke off in an unusual way.”

A coin-sized turtle

“Today, I found out that yellow watermelons exist.”

“Salt in this old putty I have crystallized into perfect cubes.”

“This is how the polarization effect works.”

“I saw an albino peacock today.”

“I forgot that I left half of the cabbage in the kitchen on the windowsill, and now it’s blooming.”

The name of Victoria Falls in the language of the indigenous population was “Mosi-oa-Tunya” or “The Smoke That Thunders.”

What do you know about ordinary things that most people don’t have any idea about?

Preview photo credit Realhumanbeing3 / Reddit