19 Hilarious Photos Taken by People Whose Partners Turned Out to Be Real Pranksters

Having a good sense of humor is very important in life, and you can consider yourself a lucky person if your partner can make you cry with laughter from time to time.

Bright Side gathered the most hilarious examples of relationship pranks that will make you laugh your head off.

19. Got blackout drunk last night...my girlfriend helped me remember what happened.

18. My attempt at taking a cute picture of the cat napping on my boyfriend was thwarted.

17. I was complaining to my boyfriend that we never cuddle anymore, and this was his solution.

16. My boyfriend works from home, but our kitten insists on being held multiple times throughout the day. We had to fashion a kitten sling so that our cat could get his snuggles in and my boyfriend could work.

15. I asked my girlfriend to get us some firewood. She came back with this:

14. My boyfriend was drunk last night. I woke up to this...

13. I told my girlfriend I was so hungry I could eat a horse.

12. My boyfriend was viciously mauled by this kitten at work today.

11. My boyfriend said I'd never get internet-famous unless I showed my nips...

10. My girlfriend is always telling me my shirts are the same color. I had to prove her wrong.

9. My girlfriend tried to take a picture with her puppy when a bird slammed into the window...

8. My mother is coming to visit today, and look what my long-distance boyfriend left behind from the weekend...and he has the key.

7. I wish my girlfriend told me she was afraid of heights BEFORE going on the Ferris wheel.

6. My girlfriend asked me to bring her pink bag. I've never been more confused.

5. My boyfriend pinched me at exactly the right moment.

4. My girlfriend spent 20 minutes playing in this box, running around and dancing... I then saw the company the box belonged to and thought it was fitting...

3. I told my boyfriend to send me something sexy...

2. It turns out my boyfriend is a Nokia, based on his reaction to falling out of a moving truck.

1. I told my girlfriend it was impossible to stand a coin on its side...

Has your partner ever done anything hilarious or mind-blowing? Share your photos in the comments!

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