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19 People Who Tend to Take Instructions Way Too Literally

Science says that around 75% of the communication we receive is interpreted the wrong way. With this number, it’s no wonder why we misunderstand each other so often. And while communication is the key to many problems, miscommunication or a literal understanding of things can lead to funny situations. We got all of our ducks and a row and found pictures of people who seem to have lost their heads for a minute.

1. “Don’t forget your lunch!”

2. Technically, it’s correct. What a sense of humor she has.

3. “My English teacher told us to dress comfortably for an exam. Needless to say, this kid knows comfort.”

4. “Go make the guests some lemon water.”

5. “No one in my family felt like setting up the artificial Christmas tree, much less get it out of the box. This will do just fine.”

6. “My wife told me to get dressed up for professional Christmas photos... I think I nailed it.”

7. “My girlfriend wanted a sponge cake — still not sure what the problem was.”

8. “So I ordered a lettuce burger thinking it would come on 2 pieces of lettuce.”

9. “This is the most expensive restaurant I’ve ever been to. The chef literally made the starter in our hand.”

10. “This is how my brother makes bacon.”

11. “The man was healing from surgery and wasn’t allowed to wear glasses, as they put too much pressure on his nose.”

12. “My friend’s tattoo — when asked, ’What does that mean?’ he replies, ’I don’t know, I don’t speak Chinese.’ That is literally what it means.”

13. “My girlfriend tried to entice me to get out of bed. I’m ashamed to say it worked.”

14. “You want me to plant that where???”

15. “Patent pending, new TV tray”

16. “Super helpful hanger warning”

17. “When they ask you about the dress code”

18. And that’s what you get when you order “one pepperoni pizza.”

19. “Future lawyer? He was told he couldn’t go outside.”

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