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19 Photos That Evoke Nostalgia and Warmth in Our Hearts

Time changes almost everything, even the things you took for granted while growing up. They may no longer be relevant today, but when you see them now you get flashbacks of fond memories. A photo of out-of-date fashion pieces, the sewing machine your family used to use, and phones with keypads may trigger a rush of memories of the good times you had.

Bright Side took a look into the past to find items that make us think of the good ol’ days.

1. Your clothes were made with this, by someone dear to you.

2. That feeling of betrayal when you found sewing stuff in one of these.

3. A Polly Pocket that you could bring around to show your friends.

4. This was precious to you.

5. One of the family games you used to play together when you were younger

6. The TV cabinet with glass doors you needed to push to open to reach the VCR

7. You watched 3D movies with these bad boys.

8. All the shows that made you laugh during your childhood

9. Somebody in your family used to hog the house phone.

10. The desperation to have these and the hugs you gave your parents for the treat

11. Wilma and Fred were your vitamins.

12. When iPod video held your favorite shows for long trips:

13. The fun of writing with one of these

14. That yearbook quote you wish you could change

15. Instead of a smartphone or iPad, you read the cereal box.

16. This was what used to wake you up in the morning.

17. As long as you had her and her cherry scent, you were not lonely.

18. You made mix tapes for long trips and for your crushes.

19. So many in one! A Brownie uniform, a Cabbage Patch doll, and that familiar couch

Which of these made you want to go find old goodies or photos from the attic? Do you still have these things that are a blast from the past?

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