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19 Photos That Prove Nature Is the Strongest Force on This Planet

You ever wonder why people are so sure that they can win against Mother Nature? Maybe mammoths or dinosaurs felt that way too while eating leaves from the tops of trees. And you see how they ended up, right? We believe that nature has been trying to get our attention lately. According to the United Nations, the number of storms, floods, and heat waves has increased around fivefold since 1970. So it is high time we take our crowns off, and bow down to nature.

We at Bright Side know that there are always people who are hard to convince. That’s why we picked 20 things that prove people are going to lose.

19. It’s awesome to see survival against the odds.

18. Life always finds a way.

17. There is a fine line between life and death.

16. People love steel, but nature loves green.

15. These trees have had a hard life.

14. It’s overcome by the wilderness it used to drive through.

13. We wonder if there is a story behind this photo.

12. We’re so curious to know what this will look like in several years.

11. We admire its determination.

10. That old house has no choice but to surrender.

9. A little green finds a way in all that cracked, dry dirt.

8. This is one of the most romantic places ever created by nature and old train tracks.

7. The invasion has started.

6. When peace is the priority:

5. Not even concrete can stop Mother Nature.

4. It might’ve been abandoned by people, but not nature.

3. This tree is able to see and hear now.

2. This looks like a piece of a post-apocalyptic world.

1. Mother Nature’s version of The Scream

Who would you vote for, human or nature? Do you think people can really tame such an incredible force? Share this article with a friend who does not understand the stakes yet.

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