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19 Weird X-ray Photos for Those Who Think They’ve Seen It All (We Still Can’t Get Over SpongeBob)

The X-ray is one of the great inventions of humankind and really comes in handy in some situations. Especially because children swallow objects that aren’t food on a daily basis. Not to mention dogs, who chew on and sometimes swallow everything in sight. Radiologists are so accustomed to seeing strange things on X-ray images that we’re sure some of these didn’t even surprise them.

Bright Side collected 19 mind-blowing, and sometimes shocking, X-ray photos. Have a look!

1. “My daughter refused to get an X-ray without Peppa Pig.”

2. This guy has been dreaming of seeing an X-ray of his foot for 22 years.

3. Just an X-ray of a snake after dinner.

4. An X-ray of a person with Multiple Hyperdontia.

5. This is a new level of photobombing.

6. Pregnant turtle’s X-ray

7. Woman’s foot in high heels

8. Have you ever wondered what a horse’s foot looks like on an X-ray?

9. X-ray of a pregnant cat

10. “My friend’s son swallowed a snowflake.”

11. When your marriage proposal goes wrong:

12. “I requested my MRI results. Oh, hi.”

13. Nothing unusual, just an X-ray of a girl who swallowed a hair clip.

14. Well, hey there, Sponge Bob!

15. An X-ray of a goldfish

16. This is the first X-ray in the world, taken by Wilhelm Röntgen on December 22, 1895.

17. An X-ray of conjoined twins

18. It’s a dog, if you were wondering.

19. This is what’s inside of a California condor’s egg.

Bonus: Homer Simpson’s MRI scan.

What is your favorite X-ray picture from this collection? Have you ever got an X-ray yourself? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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