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20 Designs With a Crazy Touch That Made Us Look Twice

A small detail can make a piece of art out of an ordinary pillow or a blanket. And even a bottle of water can hide a surprise we didn’t notice before. These little creative things are everywhere and when we find them, they boost our mood.

We at Bright Side are always searching for great design ideas that you may like and found 20 pictures that show things from a different side.

1. A burrito blanket could be a great funny gift for someone.

2. Cleverly illustrated box

3. Salami pillow looks too tasty.

4. “The bottom of this bottle is like a mountain.”

5. “I repurposed my broken iMac into a lamp that is touch-controlled, dimmable, even the USB ports work as phone charger.”

6. “48h can be read in both directions.”

7. A genius detail on chocolate milk packaging

8. This school bus stop is a book that’s held open by pencils.

9. “This skate shop and butchery that are next to each other share the same sign.”

10. “The blanket that my husband got me for Christmas”

11. It really makes you stop texting.

12. “Simple yet effective”

13. This creative barcode on a Yogi Tea box

14. “Extremely smart placement for a fire extinguisher”

15. This bathroom lock is designed in a way that you can’t open the door without remembering to take everything.

16. It folds down when the bus gets busier.

17. Sidewalk sign for the Toronto Academy of Karate

18. “The light in the bathroom is a balloon.”

19. This smart explanation of what energy means

20. You are not you when you are hungry.

How often do you see things that inspire you with their design? Do you have your own pictures of how ordinary things can become extraordinary? Please share them with us and leave your comments below!

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