20 Meaningful Tattoos That Keep Precious Memories Forever

Deciding on getting a tattoo can be a big step for some of us. Others know that getting one is exactly what they need in the here and now. Honoring special people in their lives, celebrating milestones, and overcoming hardships, tattoos can heal some parts of us and remind us every day that it’s all good.

After witnessing the meanings behind some of the next tattoos, all of us at Bright Side knew we had to share them with you!

1. “Memorial tattoo for my baby I never met”

2. “Got my first tattoo today in memory of my grandma.”

3. “My first ’big’ tattoo in memory of my cat who helped me through my childhood”

“This is my childhood cat. I spent many days just hugging my poor cat soaking her with my tears. No matter how long I hugged her, how many times I picked her up, or how wet she got from my tears she endured it. Never once resisted, hissed, or bit me. She didn’t even try to leave my side. I cannot express how much I loved her and how much she helped me. Thank you, Blue.”

4. “My sweet baby Lil Weezy passed away 2 months ago. I finally got her memorial tattoo and I am so thrilled. My sweetheart!”

5. “I lost my old boy Sebastian last month. I got my first tattoo in his honor.”

6. “My peacock tattoo was done in honor of my grandma.”

7. “Got a tattoo to honor my grandmother who passed away recently.”

8. “In honor of my brother who passed away. This was drawn in one of his sketchbooks.”

9. “I got a memorial tattoo of my cat, Kovu.”

10. “My memorial tattoo — I’ve made it 11 years so far. Some days are harder than others.”

11. “Tattoo to honor my little ones I’ll never meet.”

12. “My favorite picture of my mom and me.”

13. “In honor of my lost baby”

14. “My 4-year-old son drew a pic of the 2 of us, so now it’s a tattoo!”

15. “My first tattoo, in honor of my 19-year-old kitty.”

16. “Memorial tattoo for my father. The fingerprint is actually a part of his real fingerprint.”

17. “Tattoo in memory of my sweet Miracle”


“My brother and I were only 10 months apart and we lost him in April. He was 36. My first tattoo is on my shoulder and is of an original picture of the 2 of us when we were 6. I’m the girl on the left.”

19. “New tattoo in honor of my little boy.”

20. “My wife and I got matching anniversary tattoos.”

Do you have any tattoos with a special meaning behind them? If you could get a tattoo of a special person in your life, who would you choose and why?

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