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20 People Who Fell Madly in Love With Some Really Unique Plants

Many of us are used to the fact that cactus and aloe plants are those thorny things on the windowsill we water once or twice a year. And they’re not there because we love them but because it has become a habit. But there are some people that really love these plants. And they can make these little things look like real pieces of art.

We at Bright Side got a bit jealous of the people featured in this article. It was definitely no easy task to grow plants this stunning.

“My wedding bouquet 2 years ago and today”

“My hands look like this so that hers can look like this.”

“My tiniest arrangement to date!”

“This is my 22-year-old cactus. That’s his original pot resting on top.”

“My Echeverria has become a resting spot for this little dude.”

Blooming cutting?

“My excellent dad and his excellent cactus after some time in the greenhouse to encourage blooming”

After watering

“My little burro’s tail is almost 2 years old!”

“My first prop gave me quite a surprise last weekend!”

“The guy at the garden center told me to take any fallen leaves I wanted — I got carried away and took 71.”

Never give up!

“First time propagating succulents! And now, I wait...”

“Is it really prop lifting if it got stuck in your cousin’s foot during a walk on the beach?”

“Told my grandma I was interested in succulents so she gifted me ’a few’ from her collection plus a book of handwritten instructions.”

“I added a little fun to my cactus.”

“This bad boy came with our new house because the previous owner didn’t want it to be damaged in the move.”

“My Echeveria ‘dusty rose’ is almost glowing!”

“An upcoming wedding gift for my brother-in-law — what do you think?”

“My cactus obviously just wants a hug.”

Do you have any unusual plants at home? Can you show us a picture?

Preview photo credit limalimabeansbeans / reddit