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20+ People Who Got Real Treasures for Just a Little Bit of Money

People who like to visit thrift stores are pretty familiar with the situation where they suddenly come across an item that makes their eyes glow, among piles of other things. And there is only one thought whirling around in their head, “That’s mine!” As a rule, the price in this situation isn’t the determining factor, but it is a nice bonus. We are sure you can admit that buying the perfect dress for $1 or finding a photo with the signatures of your idols for $2 is a dream. And that feeling you get when you hold the thing you have been dreaming about for a long time in your hands is magical.

We at Bright Side love to look through the things that other people found and we always feel happy for people who were lucky enough to get something cool for just a little bit of money. Here is a new compilation with real treasures — the most expensive find was only $5.

“Got this amazing dress for just over $5. It has super deep pockets too!”

“Bought it for $2. The lady had absolutely no idea who these people are.”

“One of my favorite thrift finds! A gray jacket with puppies. Bought it for only €1!”

“Found this perfect shirt for $1.99. I bought a lot of other things too, but this was my favorite find in a long time!”

“Vintage 1950s Toastess waffle maker in perfect working condition for $5. Pass the syrup, please!”

“Got this at a yard sale a few years back for $5. The butterflies are real.”

“Panda shirt that I got for just $1.50”

Antique Art Nouveau Chatelaine dance card pendant for $5. The original entries date back to 1910.

“Got this dress for $1.”

“Perfect condition $200 leather tote for $3.99! My lucky week!”

“Found this clock at a yard sale for $3!”

“Went shopping in the men’s section of the thrift store. Each item cost me $5. I just had to crop the T-shirt and cut the sleeves off.”

“Got these Jimmy Choo summer shoes at a charity shop for $2.”

“Always dreamed of a house of old books. All these cost me $5: earliest dates to 1902, the oldest to 1960.”

“Found this mustard velvet wrap dress for 0.99 cents at my local thrift store yesterday. Originally it cost $70.”

$1 genuine Amber earrings

“One of my all-time favorite finds! Only a dollar and absolutely gorgeous.”

Paid a little less than $4 for this bear.

“Cobalt blue lace dress I found at a charity shop for just $5!”

“My fiancé found this for $2, perfectly fitting for our cat’s area.”

“A brand new 100% silk bohemian dress made in India, $5. Princess vibes!”

“Just scored this unmarked 14kt rose gold and diamond ring for $4.99.”

Have you ever managed to find treasures for very little money? Please tell us about them (or show us) in the comments!

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