20 People Who Live in Their Own Parallel Reality

Let’s admit that we know very little about parallel realities. In fact, we don’t even know if they exist or not. But there’s some pretty convincing evidence around us that makes us believe in the impossible. We are sure that there is no way to explain all the crazy things people do every day, except to believe that they come from another planet on a special mission.

We at Bright Side carried out a cloak-and-dagger operation to find out what these people do for the sake of their own reality. And today, we’re allowing you to take a peek.

20. “A man decided to sun bathe on one of Tower Bridge support beams. Imagine just nodding off to sleep and doing that flinch thing that happens sometimes.”

19. “A guy at my wife’s job thinks that his new plant is a cactus. It’s actually a pickle that is replaced by a new one every 2 days... It’s been like this for 2 weeks now.”

18. “Because offices are for the weak.”

17. Ok, so this is how you do it in your reality.

16. “This is my taxi driver. The law forbids him to drive in shorts, that’s why he wears a skirt.”

15. “That’s why they sit on powerlines... They need to recharge their batteries.”

14. Let’s leave all the kittens and butterflies to ordinary people.

13. “What were they thinking? Everybody knows 2 + 2 = 22.”

12. Yes, they have their own colors in a parallel world.

11. “My boyfriend brought me this thinking it was a flower, but it’s lettuce.”

10. When you want to test it out in real conditions:

9. “I know a few adults who would use this menu.”

8. There is a universe for every superhero.

7. It seems they are not afraid of the stuff we tend to avoid.

6. This is a kind of reality we would love to live in.

5. When you know what “enjoying nature” truly means:

4. When the past meets the future:

3. It seems that someone knows how important diplomas are.

2. “On my planet it means respect.”

1. “What is wrong with this dude? What is he looking at? The world?”

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Preview photo credit maruchanboy / Reddit
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