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20 People Who Lost at Playing the Online Shopping Game

Many sellers do everything to keep their clients satisfied with their purchase. But there are also those who ignore this rule and can easily give you a cat in a sack. That’s when we get the situations that can make us both laugh and cry at the same time.

We at Bright Side want to share with you 20 photos that prove, once again, that expectation and reality don’t always coincide.

1. “We ordered the cake on the left and received the cake on the right... Elmo has seen better days.”

2. “My friend has learned her lesson today about buying things off Facebook...”

3. 0.2% of light is a lot, apparently.

4. “Labyrinth-style doll bought for $55... can’t stop laughing.”

5. “You never let me down, Pop-Tarts.”

6. “I got it from a local vendor at a local plant show. Waited 3 months to finally see this.”

7. “I’m a chunky pug they said, order the bigger one they said.”

8. “Ordered a body pillow, got a wrist rest instead.”

9. “I bought a 2 pack and not a single Kit Kat had a wafer.”

10. “I ordered 2 of these baskets from eBay.”

11. Now I know why they’re going out of business.

12. “I expected at least SOME Oreo.”

13. Neon nightmare!

14. “Ordered a Floppy Fish for my cat. Flop indeed.”

15. “My boyfriend didn’t read the clamp size carefully before ordering online”

16. “My kid was like: Did the seller forgot to give us the rest of the parts?”

17. “I should have looked at the reviews first.”

18. “A friend of mine ordered an infinity gauntlet from a dodgy website that only asked for postage. Got his card cloned, had various credit accounts opened in his name, and received this in the mail weeks later.”

19. “Extra-large” dog pool...

20. “This custom furniture piece will be made to order just for you.”

Have you ever made unsuccessful purchases? Can you please share your stories in the comments!

Preview photo credit beejaamz / Reddit