20+ People Who Proved That Secondhand Items Can Be Cooler Than Brand New Ones

Many fashionistas regularly visit secondhand shops because you can find unique items there that can perfectly fit in your wardrobe. And most importantly, these things can cost you almost nothing.

At Bright Side, we believe that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to impress others with stylish outfits. Just look at these cool items that Internet users found in secondhand stores.

“I got these Doc Martens for $6! The thrift store was super tiny so I didn’t expect to find anything.”

“This vintage rose dress is my favorite thrift find ever and it fits like a gem. Feels like I’m starring in some 1990s soap opera.”

“I found these amazing Louis Vuitton heels today! I’m so over the moon about finding these at such a good deal for them being authentic.”

“I got this Victorian ring for $4 today at a random thrift shop.”

“Cool sneakers straight out of 2003. I bought both for $18.”

“The most amazing 2-piece vintage set that I just thrifted for $10”

“I don’t normally look in the women’s section much, but this blouse for $2 has an awesome print, and I think it suits me!”

“This 100% silk emerald green dress was $8! Here are some different fits with stuff from this week’s haul.”

“My 2 favorite dresses that I recently thrifted, absolutely stunning 1980s creations!”

“I snagged this beautiful skirt for only $1 today!”

“These are vintage lambskin Christian Dior pants ($32). You never know when you’ll stumble upon something amazing!”

“Diesel suede mini cowboys for $15!”

“I found this rave set at a garage sale! I love the straps, they add an extra pop to the fit.”

“I love finds like these! I picked up these vintage Levi’s and in one of the pockets was a movie ticket for A Bug’s Life from 1998.”

“I love lemon print! I found this gorgeous dress for less than $5.”

“These are Candi Girl roller skates from my local resale shop! They look like they were never used.”

“A vintage Whiting & Davis mesh bag from the 1970s”

“A really cool horse jacket I found today at an estate sale for about $1!”

“These metallic thigh-high boots I got for $10 today! Practical? Not really. Fabulous? Absolutely.”

“I got this amazing 1970s Wrangler disco shirt with apple motifs and apple pie written all over it. It’s perfect.”

“It reminds me of the movie, Clueless. I couldn’t resist it. It was only $4.”

“I scored these cool Van Gogh Vans for just $6!”

“I’ve been short and ’curvy’ my whole life and would have never thought to wear a jumpsuit. But after I lost weight, I tried on this cutie at a local thrift shop and I’m pretty sure it was made for me!”

Do you visit thrift shops and secondhand stores? If so, what was your most lucky find? Tell us in the comments below.

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Preview photo credit Elloiusematter / Reddit
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