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20+ People Who Wanted to Look Stunning on Social Media but Failed


Just imagine, you are thoughtfully creating your image on social media, you choose a special angle and a successful pose for each photo, you adjust the lights properly, and then Photoshop the photo. But later someone notices you in some not very successful shots and all your efforts appear to have been in vain. That’s a pity, isn’t it? The characters of our compilation were actually the ones who got into this situation.

Bright Side came across the photos of people whose only wish was to look nice in a photo, but they ended up getting only jokes and laughs for using Photoshop, instead of compliments.

“Can you breathe?”

“This guy is a big fan of Photoshop. The left pic is our photo from his Instagram account, the right photo — from mine.”

Apparently the photographer decided to show what it means to be behind the frame.

“His teeth are brighter than my future.”

The reflection revealed the whole truth.

You’d only know that it’s the same person by the moles.

“She said she looks the same as in her photos. Well...”

“The selfies she posts are pure Photoshop.”

“This guy filters all his photos. He also filters all of his YouTube videos, but I know who he is in real life.”

“That’s how she looks in her photos and in her videos.”

“You can only recognize her by her costumes in real life.”

“Yep, in reality, he is not as brutal as he wants to seem.”

“This person is running for mayor where I live.”

“She’s a cute girl, why does she need Photoshop at all?”

When it’s “raining” but not enough to make your hair wet:

“Looking like a whole different person”

She’s actually charming the way she is.

“No, that’s not a mother and a daughter — that’s the same person.”

“She looks different in tagged photos.”

One of the best examples of Instagram vs Reality

The power of makeup and filters

Bonus: This girl posts pics on both “good” and “bad” days.

Do you use Photoshop and filters in your photos? Or do you post them the way they are?

Preview photo credit nokia621 / Reddit
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