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20+ People Who Went Out to Look for Mushrooms but Found an Adventure

You’ve probably had one of those days where you went to the forest to get some mushrooms, but ended up spending the entire day there. Some of them are tasty and good for you, and others are not edible but they look like masterpieces from mother nature.

Of course, not everyone at Bright Side is a fan of collecting mushrooms. But some of the finds we have in this compilation blew our minds.

“My wife forgot her bouquet for our wedding shoot, so we improvised and had dinner the next day.”

“Jelly ear, my first time finding one!”

“If you’ve ever seen a green stick while hiking, there’s probably a Green Elf Cup mushroom around. The spores of this mushroom stain fallen tree limbs and logs.”

“Look, Ma, somebody’s been nibbling at my mushroom.”

“I assume they’re different stages of the same one — they were next to each other.”

“On vacation in Oregon, picked a random hike and unintentionally ended up foraging for lobster mushrooms all day.”

“After many hours of non-stop searching, I managed to bring home a decent haul.”

“Me, my fiancé, and our puffball baby. Found today by the Connecticut River!”

Mushroom growing on top of a mushroom

“I have always loved those rare moments when the sunlight illuminates some interesting fungi perfectly.”

“Found the fried egg! Now I just need to find the bacon mushroom and breakfast is ready.”

A good mushroom is totally worth a climb.

Looks like a pizza.

Who needs autumn leaves?

Mushroom village

Chantrelle season was epic this year.

“Biggest mushroom I’ve ever seen (keys for scale), at least 2 feet wide”

King Bolete found in Unalaska. Enough to make mushroom soup for an army!

Do you dare enter a Fairy Ring?

A fairy ring, also known as a fairy circle, is a naturally occurring ring or arc of mushrooms. They are often seen as hazardous or dangerous places and linked with witches or the Devil in folklore.

Porcelain Mushroom in the Dublin Mountains

“Smallest mushrooms I’ve ever found. Foraging has really sharpened my eye sight.”

“Found this puffball today and made dinner out of it. Puffball Parmesan. It’s delicious!”

Do you like collecting and eating mushrooms? Has anything interesting happened to you while foraging?

Preview photo credit my_chaud / reddit
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