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20+ People Who Were Lucky Enough to Find Mother Nature’s Easter Eggs

Pinecones decorated with mini-mushrooms, happy insect eggs, and an eggplant that looks like a dragon — all these might sound unreal at first, but they are the main characters of our article. People shared some of the best discoveries they’ve ever come across, even if Mother Nature tried to keep them on the down-low.

Bright Side loves to see rare things stashed away by Mother Nature and found by regular people, and here are the best finds we just have to show you.

1. “A pinecone with mushrooms growing from it”

2. “Red corn”

3. A bug that looks just like cinnamon bark

4. “Harvested a watermelon that had a perfect Nike swoosh on it.”

5. “This plant has its flower in the middle of the leaf.”

6. “This trio of mushrooms I found on a hike today”

7. “Found a leaf in the final stage of decomposition on my run this morning (with another leaf for comparison).”

8. “Found some translucent flowers this morning at work.”

9. “I found some amethyst in a gravel driveway.”

10. “My daughter found this branch and uses it as her magic wand.”

11. “Found this white peacock in our backyard.”

“Turns out it escaped from a wedding venue several miles away and has been living in the woods behind our house.”

12. “Found this rock with a line in the middle.”

13. “I found this pink grasshopper. It’s not plastic, it’s alive. Having Googled it after finding it, it’s due to a genetic mutation called erythrism.”

14. “A potato I found under my kitchen counter looks like some sort of alien forest.”

15. “A triple acorn I found”

16. “Found a jade vine growing in the mango tree. The tree is filled with these. Absolutely amazing.”

17 “Look at the size of this pepper I grew, watermelon for scale.”

18. “My mom grew a giant yellow cucumber.”

19. “My girlfriend found this rock that looks like a mustache.”

20. “I climbed Ben Nevis and discovered this halo effect on my shadow.”

21. A real camouflaged leaf — can you see it?

22. “These insect eggs look like little smiley faces.”

23. “The ultra-rare dragon eggplant”

When was the last time you witnessed one of Mother Nature’s creations? If you had a magic wand and could teleport yourself to see any of these Easter eggs in person, which one would you choose?

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