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20 People Who Were Probably Too Hungry, So They Started Seeing Food Everywhere

You’ve probably had a moment where you were so hungry that you might start thinking about food and seeing it everywhere. Whether it’s a rock that looks like a slice of pizza or a potato, or a stained tarp that looks like a giant, delicious burrito, the resemblance is just uncanny.

Bright Side hopes you’re not too hungry, because you’re about to see a lot of “food.” But, please, don’t attempt to eat it!

1. “This rock I found while hiking that looks like a slice of pizza”

2. This piece of rock makes it look like there’s bacon embedded into this terrazzo table.

3. Is it a stained tarp or the world’s biggest burrito?

4. Oranges or turtles?

5. This rusted metal looks like it’s ready to be wrapped around some food.

6. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a flying banana!

7. Anyone else craving Shawarma?

8. “Making cookies and the reflection looks like a giant chocolate chip cookie!”

9. Does anyone want a bucket of mac ’n cheese?

10. No, this is not a steak, it’s a rock... again.

11. “For some reason, I was asked to mop the floor with ground beef today...?”

12. Some cheese pizza would be great right now.

13. The inside of this tennis ball looks like it’s made of chocolate.

14. No, this is not a delicious dessert, it’s actually a candle.

15. Gummy lizard?

16. The mold on this bread looks like an egg.

17. All-you-can-eat tortilla

18. A very lively salad

19. Favorite pizza topping? Planetary red spots and many moons!

20. “Someone left an omelet just lying out in the woods.”

Which one of these not-foods looks the most delicious to you? Please, fellow foodies, let us know!

Preview photo credit xxxtencioncord / reddit