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20 People Whose Solutions Definitely Deserve an Applaud

There are some lifehacks that you might never even think of, but they really work. Like the one for fixing a toilet seat with ramen noodles. But what is definitely cool about all the solutions that people invent on the go, is that most of them are not only helpful, but they can make you smile and boost your mood with their comedian intricacy.

Here at Bright Side, we love to discover cheerful and neat solutions that people find to make their lives easier, and sometimes we meet a real work of genius that is on the verge of being useful and ridiculous. We’d love for you to take a look at 20 examples of how people solved inconvenience with their outstanding wit.

1. “Just out here living the dream.”

2. “This is how we are dealing with the heat in Brazil.”

3. “He hates water in his ears, we found a solution.”

4. “My daughter asked me to be Maui for Halloween. I’m a skinny white guy, but I’m pleased with my solution.”

5. “My friends’ new puppy was escaping from their garden through the spaces in the fence. This was their solution.”

6. “My dad fixed a control knob that broke off in my car.”

7. “Sister-in-law showed me her professor with a much better device than a stupid laser pointer.”

8. “May I present, the Hair Tie Twist Up, featuring the remotes for both the Roku and Apple TV!”

9. Sewing trick

10. “I’ve just found out that if I use a cheese grater on a cold stick of butter, it’s easier to spread on toast and muffins.”

11. “My girlfriend devised a way to keep the plastic shopping bags we re-use as bin liners in place by using removable picture hooks.”

12. “How to keep the crows away in your yard by placing a fake dead crow.”

13. “If you’re worried about your cats catching birds and bringing them to your door, this collar is a helping hand.”

14. “A plastic kiddie pool with a blanket inside becomes a big, comfy dog bed.”

15. “I preheat my boots with hot tap water in long English Muffin bags while I eat the muffins for breakfast.”

16. “I have a small kitchen so this was my solution.”

17. “My easy way to keep all the paste toward the opening.”

18. “If you need to toss your prescription bottles, simply use a lighter to quickly heat the thermal sticker to blacken your private info.”

19. “Freeze portioned bananas for smoothies, it keeps them ripe and makes the smoothie creamy.”

20. “Avoid washer mildew with a microfiber towel.”

Which of the solutions would you try immediately? What is a solution to some annoying thing that you tried yourself? We’d love to know more about it!

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