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20+ Perfectionists Explain What Their Own Personal Hell Looks Like

Nobody chooses to be a perfectionist because fighting the urge to make literally everything around you perfect is not fun at all. While regular people just walk by and don’t notice anything, perfectionists find upside-down letters, loaves of bread cut the wrong way, and puzzles that they can never forget.

Bright Side decided to support people who suffer from everyday stress of the imperfect world around them. Honestly, these 20+ photos even made us feel a bit unpleasant.

1. “It happened in front of my eyes and I couldn’t stop it!”

2. This ice cream wrapper...

3. “That one die is making me mad...”

4. “People that don’t clear the timer on the microwave make me mad.”

5. Imagine if you had this floor in your apartment and had to see it every day.

6. “I walk by this light post every day at work. It drives me bananas!”

7. “I’m staying at my friend’s house tonight and found this monstrosity when I used their 10-year-old son’s bathroom.”

8. And they’re a part of the same series!!

9. They had one job! And they failed!

10. “I wasn’t paying attention and just missed all the glory!”

11. “I know you’ve felt the same pain before.”

12. “Sinks like this where you can barely get your hands under the water”

13. “Noticed this dot on the back seat of my parents’ car...”

14. “This was satisfying until I noticed it.”

15. “The way this guy unboxes his PS4”

16. This does not spark joy.

17. Who could do this to humanity?

18. Someone had this brilliant idea, someone approved it, and someone made it!

19. “2 of the capital ’S’ letters are upside down.”

20. The way the handles are different

21. The pain nobody deserves

22. This sewer grate

23. “Every sink in this bathroom has a different faucet.”

Do you often have to deal with such imperfections? What is your reaction to them?

Preview photo credit Justcallmeaunty / Reddit
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