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20 Photos That Can Make You Doubt the Laws of Physics

It’s not every day that you stumble upon or accidentally do something that some might call “a glitch in the matrix”. Perhaps this includes seeing supermarket baskets defying gravity or ships that seem to be flying. These things are so rare that many of us never get to witness or experience them in our lifetime.

So, Bright Side put together some photos of extraordinary phenomena, intricate tricks, and mere coincidences that will leave you questioning reality.

1. Somehow the snow curled off the roof without breaking and it’s incredibly satisfying to look at.

2. “The tilt of the cruise ship makes it look like the water isn’t obeying the laws of gravity.”

3. “The shadow and slope make it look like he’s floating.”

4. How quickly will you go grab dominoes and try this out?

5. When your mom is busy talking and doesn’t unlock the car:

6. An ice sheet holding onto trees after a flood subsides

7. Human Figure by Emil Alzamora defies gravity in the most elegant way.

8. “This Japanese coin is so light it won’t even break the surface tension on water.”

9. Understanding g-force is the most effective way to pass as a wizard.

10. Proof that the levitation spell, Wingardium Leviosa works when pronounced correctly

11. Don’t try this the next time you go bowling...

12. A piece of driftwood that said “no” to actually drifting

13. We should just consider cats the masters of breaking rules and laws.

14. “The logical explanation is good timing but still, I have doubts.”

15. A fine example of a Fata Morgana, a mirage caused by changes in temperature which bends rays of light.

16. — “How unaccessible do you want the baskets to be?”


— “Yes.”

17. “I have so many questions.”

18. “My dog’s bone stands upright because of the way she chewed it.”

19. How?

20. It’s getting ready to go Back to the Future.

Have you ever seen a similar occurrence that puzzled you? Talk to us about it in the comments. You know we’re always excited to hear from you!

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