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20+ Photos That Prove Nature Is Full of Surprises That Can Strike You With Awe

Seas get illuminated by special marine creatures while moths disguise themselves as prey in the form of birds and even snakes. And being humans, we tend to think we’re the rulers of nature, however, nature never ceases to surprise us with its mysteries.

Bright Side bets these photos will make you discover nature all over again.

1. Squids have teeth to grip prey.

2. These pillars are created by nature. They’re called earth pyramids and usually appear after landslides.

3. This moth’s mimicry game is on another level.

4. “A tree in my neighborhood has one branch of an apple tree and the rest of it is totally normal.”

5. A rare horizontal rainbow that filled the whole sky

6. Moose teeth are so big, it’s too bad there’s not a “mooth fairy.”

7. A beetle that has heart-shaped patches on its back

8. White Sands in New Mexico looks like it’s covered in snow.

9. Bioluminescence is a phenomenon that makes water gleam due to algae and sea creatures.

10. Inca terns look like pigeons with whiskers.

11. Flowers that remind us of cotton candy

12. A dracaena tree located in Spain is disputably about 1,000 years old.

13. How fireflies turn on their light

14. If this is what a megalodon tooth looks like, then how large was this creature?

15. Deer tend to jump across the road, right in front of cars.

16. A very colorful example of flint corn

17. The bark of the Tibetan cherry tree looks like copper.

18. If you’ve seen a hippo skull, you may have thought it belonged to a dragon instead...

19. Nacreous clouds can be seen in northern areas.

20. Chocolate Hills, geological formations in the Philippines, look almost otherworldly and symmetrical.

21. A moth laid a ton of eggs and it looks like beaded embroidery.

22. Meet Pipi, a rare black barn owl.

Share some surprising things about nature that you’ve recently discovered that we may not know about yet.

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