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20 Photos to Remind You That the Only Constant Is Change

The fear of change each one of us faces from time to time is called Metathesiophobia. Indeed, change is always uncertain, unpredictable, and therefore, frightening. Even though sometimes people are afraid to accept the changes life throws at us, we believe that change always leads to something good.

We at Bright Side collected photos of people, things, and events that can remind you that change is inevitable, and it often makes our lives better in the end.

1. “Here’s my daughter and my wife wearing the same dress, 28 years apart. Made me smile.”

2. “This is my boyfriend’s new 4-month-old pup, Phoebe, before and after adoption. Sometimes changes bring so much happiness!”

3. “My dad and me, visiting Trafalgar Square — the time gap between the photos is around 40 years.”

4. “My collection had long since outgrown the old shelf, but the old one’s been with me since middle school. I’ll find a way to repurpose it!”

5. “This is my baby and me in our kindergarten photos. They even had us in the same spot on the bench, arranged according to height.”

6. “These are pictures of me with my owl along with my brother and the same owl 10 years later.”

7. Italy with 2,000 years of history in between

8. “Same company, 29 years apart”

9. “This day a year ago and today — a good big boy!”

10. “Took the same exact photo of my dad at the Golden Gate Bridge, 15 years apart.”

11. “Christmas gifts: 20 years ago vs today”

12. “A pic of my son in the same place as my father, 69 years apart”

13. “The left picture was shot almost a year ago, and the right is that very plant today!”

14. “Brought new life to my great grandparents’ old bedroom set. Over 100 years old! It’s still a work in progress, but here are the before and after pictures.”

15. “My 8-year-old monitor vs the new one I just bought”

16. “My first born son and me wearing the same clothes, 30 years apart”

17. An OmniMech made back in the ’90s on the left and the one made nowadays on the right

18. “Old vs new”

19. “My son and me, 27 years apart with the same Moses blanket, basket, and onesie!”

20. “Same clothes, 2 years later”

Do you have curious stories about change? Have you gone through any significant changes yourself? Tell us in the comment section below.

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