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20+ Pics That Prove a Hairdo Can Transform Any Person Completely

We all regularly see our reflection in the mirror, but we probably never think about changing something about ourselves. Or we might have some ideas but lack the courage to make them come true. The characters of our article are not scared of change and prove that a properly chosen haircut can change a person beyond recognition, totally for the better.

We at Bright Side find their examples bright and brave.

1. “I love it! But my girlfriend isn’t a fan because she loved the curls on the side of my head, but she’ll get used to it.”

2. “Chopped off 15 inches to donate.”

3. Before and after

“You look like if Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire had a kid.” © LordCheshireCat / Reddit

4. “Shaved my head. Does it suit me?”

5. “I can’t stop touching my hair, the hairdresser said I should keep it short(er) forever.”

6. “It’ll be back in a month.”

7. “I got nearly 12 inches of hair cut off today, and I’m so happy to see my curls coming back!!”

8. “Got the cut. I was very impressed.”

“I hope your barber/stylist was well compensated, they did a great job.” © astronomy8thlight / Reddit

9. “Cut the sides and back as suggested. I’m happy with the results and just wanted to share!”

10. “Chopped my lob into a super short pixie and immediately became 1000% cooler. Thanks everyone who encouraged me to take the plunge!”

11. “I simply showed my stylist a couple of photos with similar hairdos that I liked.”

12. “Now I can see what it means to feel like myself. This is such a big & good change for me.”

13. “Tried cutting my own hair. It was pretty nerve-wracking to do, but I am happy with it!”

14. “I ended up going with a pixie, and I’m so glad I did!”

15. “Before and after, including the pic I showed the barber. Really happy with it.”

16. “Asked advice yesterday, followed said advice, and am loving the result!”

“Wow. From Kate Winslet to Kiera Knightly. Beautiful in both.” © mybrainmuscle / Reddit

17. “Before and after. Took the plunge, is it worth it or not? What do you think? No, I’m not naked in the first pic.”

18. “Pro tip: If you’re scared to take the quarantine buzz cut plunge, photoshop it first.”

The haircut in the second photo was Photoshopped.

19. “Decided to go bald!”

“Your eyebrows are so on point! They frame your face perfectly.” © rita-the-wanderer / Reddit

20. “I’m very happy. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I appreciate it!”

21. “I did it!”

“Wow! You look good, but more importantly, you look so happy! I can tell how much you love it from the pics and it just makes you glow!” © EmotionalFix / Reddit

Would you like to take the plunge? What type of haircut would suit you, in your opinion?