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20 Pics That Prove Nature Is the Best Artist

Nature works in mysterious ways. From the way it paints majestic ice patterns better than Picasso and colors leaves in the most beautiful manner to forming perfectly symmetrical cubes from natural minerals — nature always finds a way to humble us with its surreal gifts.

We at Bright Side are avid nature lovers. And we have to say that we had a blast searching for the best pics to depict nature’s artistic side, and we hope you’ll enjoy scrolling through these 20 pics as well.

1. The way the frost highlights the sculpture

2. Striking natural red spessartine garnet from Brazil with detailed natural ’’etching’’ due to inconsistent crystal growth!

3. “These perfect raindrops formed on my strawberry plant.”

4. “This nearly perfect dahlia I spotted at a local park”

5. The petals of this camellia flower

6. This naturally occurring perfect cube of pyrite from Spain

7. “This Nike that we found while hiking”

8. This stripe of ivy in an alley where a building let some light through

9. The way these blue morpho butterflies are sitting

10. A naturally rose-shaped turkey tail mushroom

11. “Woke up this morning to find an interesting (natural) ice sculpture in the garden.”

12. “Succu-excellence — nature is rad.”

13. “A leaf I found on my walk today”

14. “The pattern the ice left on my grill”

15. This naturally colored orange

16. Just saw this car filled with nature in a parking lot in Tokyo.

17. “After cutting a stick of butter, the residue looks like a winter nature scene, stream and all.”

18. The colors in this piece of agate look like a sunset over the ocean.

19. Nature is watching us.

20. Naturally growing colorful corn

Which of these pics surprised you the most? Do you have any similar pictures that highlight nature’s artistic side?

Preview photo credit shawneffel / Reddit
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