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20+ Pictures That Are More Intriguing Than a Puzzle

Like Dan Millman once said, the world is a puzzle, so there’s no need to make sense of it. Even so, we still try hard to put pieces together logically to arrive at the correct solution, no matter how many unexpected pieces are put together in more complicated forms and shapes.

We at Bright Side have found some pictures that, at first, might look like something unreal and truly hard to believe until you look a little bit closer.

1. “Have a seat.”

2. “Just had dye applied to my eyes in the emergency room.”

3. “Added some style.”

4. “A tree eating a giraffe”

5. “This Lego dinosaur at the Australian Museum is pretty awesome.”

6. “The ultimate alternative fuel vehicle”

7. “Chicken in the fire extinguisher compartment”

8. “Spotted while at Natural Bridge Caverns”

9. “This guy really knows how to push my buttons.”

10. “Dyed my hair for a club today.”

11. “This huge drop of water the spider web collected”

12. “My friend caught this fish off the coast in Hawaii.”

13. “Elvis in his space station”

14. “This gentleman’s suspenders are designed to look like measuring tape.”

15. “The way the sun was perfectly hitting this bottle”

16. “This dog my dad saw on the street”

17. “Beautiful solid wood butterfly wings on a middle-aged dude”

18. “The way this plant grew”

19. “This pillar looks like my big toe.”

20. “I took my son to see a unicorn today. Her name is Emma and she’s so sweet and soft.”

21. “My Pokeball gear shift knob”

Do you change “puzzles” to your liking? What are the most surprising ones you’ve made lately?

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