20 Clever People Who Renovated Their Place Like Pros on Their Own

2 years ago

For many, being able to acquire a home of their own, a place where they feel safe and free, is their biggest dream. However, along with this great achievement come other responsibilities, such as the repairs that a house requires as time goes by. Well, it turns out that there are some people who have the innate gift of doing this type of work better than any professional.

At Bright Side, we have collected images that show how people improved their spaces themselves.

1. “Before and after of my San Francisco kitchen!”

2. “An earthy sunroom in our 1927 home, Great Falls, MT”

3. “Before and after: living and dining room, Germany”

4. “Partitioning off stairs to create a hallway”

5. “Kitchen remodel, before and after in Modesto, CA”

6. “Powder room, before and after! A (finally) completed DIY project in Charlotte, NC”

7. “Before and after in Ann Arbor, Michigan!”

8. “Kitchen: before and after”

9. “DIY modern cedar fence”

10. “Opened up the kitchen a bit, WI.”

11. “Took us almost 7 years, but we finally finished decorating our small living space in our 970 square-foot bungalow.”

12. “Our bathroom renovations — we went for neutral, earthy vibes.”

13. “New cabinets are expensive, so I decided to paint my existing ones from the 1980s (a kitchen in Southern California).”

14. “Before and after of our new kitchen”

15. “My living room that we renovated in the Florida Panhandle”

16. “My ’modern farmhouse’ bathroom renovation, featuring an infinity shower!”

17. “Water damage caused an unexpected kitchen renovation (Orlando, FL).”

18. “Before and after of my bathroom upgrade in Newfoundland, Canada.”

19. “Our living room. The top pic shows what it looked like when we toured the home.”

20. “My bedroom before and after in Arizona”

What changes would you like to make in your home? What is the best thing you have done with your own hands? Share your photos with us!

Preview photo credit inS3CUR1TY / Reddit


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