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20+ Smart Street Designs That Make Cities More Enjoyable to Live In

From a street that is paved to look like a carpet to a futuristic colorful garden that hangs just above your head and makes your heart skip a beat while looking at it — these are just a few examples of outdoor objects that were meant to make our lives easier and add color to even the dullest day.

We at Bright Side love it when public places are both practical and neat, and we’d love for you to look at examples of work done by some nimble designers.

1. A carpet-patterned street in Turkey

2. “In Kyiv, Ukraine, there’re street lights for people who like to walk while looking down at their phones.”

3. “Autumn pedestrian crossing in Yekaterinburg, Russia”

4. “They have been removing some street parking and making these ‘Parklets’ in Vancouver, BC.”

5. “These bollards outside Leckhampton Primary School are shaped like pencils.”

6. “A bench with peddles in Spain”

7. This is not actually a shadow, but street art in Munchen, Germany."

8. Umbrella sky project in Portugal

9. These benches can be turned into tables.

10. “This house has the street number trimmed in the hedge in Muswell Hill, London.”

11. Illumination in Tokyo

12. A bench in Canada for those who like to enjoy the rain without getting wet

13. A street skycycle in Japan

14. Luminescent park seats that imitate pebbles in Saint Petersburg, Russia

15. These steps in Dallas light up and play piano notes as you walk on them.

16. A floating grocery store in Dubai

17. Street lights disguised as tulips in Moscow

18. This modern compact house in Tokyo makes the best use of the available space.

19. Cheerful construction barriers in Japan

20. The mural on this building that looks like lace was painted by a street artist in Calais, France.

21. Overhead gardens in Singapore

In the daytime

And at night

What is your favorite spot that makes you extremely proud of your city?

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