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20 Sweet Moments That Will Make You Smile and Brighten Up Your Day

Canyoning at the age of 67, getting your first pup as a kid, and falling in love with a kitten even if you thought you didn’t want one — images like these can exude positive energy and fuel happiness. Even something small, like saying, “I love you” instead of “thank you” can make you feel better and lift your hopes up.

Bright Side created a collection of photos that tell a story just by looking at them, and some of them can change your day for the better.

1. The goat was very upset after his trampoline broke, so some people sent him a new one.

2. “My wife before and after I said, ’I love you.’”

3. “My dad hasn’t met my daughter, we only FaceTime. She starts smiling when she recognizes him.”

4. “Growing up, my dad used to hate cats. This is him now with his 2 new kittens, Thelma and Louise.”

5. “Me with my newborn son and my father holding me as a baby”

6. “My niece with one of the kittens”

7. “My dad (68 years old) is super proud of his 40-lb jackfruit!”

8. “Pulled up to a stoplight and saw this happy pole!”

9. “My grandmother meeting my son, her fortieth great-grandchild!”

10. “My daughter has been asking for a puppy since the moment she was able to speak, and today was her lucky day.”

11. “I went canyoning with my mom (67).”

12. “My dad still has his stuffed toy dog from 1955.”

13. “This is my very favorite picture of my son. He woke up from his nap so happy.”

14. It’s even better than saying thank you.

15. “My parents made a Renaissance fair for my kids in my backyard.”

16. “My significant other packs my lunches for work. I found this today.”

17. “It’s hard to work from home with 2 kids, but today my 7-year-old quietly placed this on my desk and walked away.”

The note says: “Dear Mom and Dad, parenting is hard. I’m writing this to say thank you for your love and care. Love, Jack”

18. “My grandma’s reaction to a restored picture of her foster mom — she was an orphan from Mexico.”

19. “Told my daughter to give me a real smile and this is what I got.”

20. “My daughter 0.1 seconds after trying corn for the first time”

Which pic touched you the most? Do you have your own uplifting story or image that you want to share with us?

Preview photo credit 1thepapa / reddit