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20 Things That Totally Look Like Something Else

From accidentally summoning the spirit of a unicorn in your campfire to finding dog faces hidden in a tree, spotting eyes and faces in non-living objects is actually normal. The scientific name for it is “anthropomorphism” but there’s more to it. At times, there are also things that look totally different than what they’re supposed to, completely tricking a person upon first glance.

People are sharing photos of their unusual finds on the Internet, and Bright Side has collected 20 of the best shots for our readers.

1. “This rock looks like it has blood vessels.”

2. “I think it looks like Sid from Ice Age but my wife says E.T.”

3. “This smudge on my glasses looks like a mountain.”

4. This mug of coffee is not empty but full.

5. There might be a dog trapped in this tree...

6. Cucumbers can be whatever they want to be, even a pear.

7. Those are water droplets, not a web.

8. “This fountain in Azerbaijan designed to look like dandelions”

9. When you miss your cat so much, you start seeing it everywhere.

10. This isn’t snow, nor is it the surface of the moon — these are clouds.

11. “An unripened pomegranate looks like a nightmare.”

12. “This is not blurry. It’s what 1,254 bicycles look like.”

13. These citrus fruits look like they have tentacles.

14. “Artificial grass seating looks like something straight out of Photoshop!”

15. A bell pepper that looks like a human clenched fist

16. A bird pooped on my car and now it looks like the ocean.

17. “When a chicken with a calcium deficiency lays an egg, the shell is like paper.”

18. “Took a picture of my daughter lighting a campfire and it appears as if she’s summoning the spirit of a unicorn.”

19. “The reflection of my TV makes it look like Girl with the Pearl Earring is in my backyard!”

20. “A mushroom with an apple print”

Have you ever found something that looked like something else entirely? Do you sometimes notice faces in objects?

Preview photo credit Lil_hunitz / Reddit
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