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20 Things to Bring Tremendous Joy Into a Cleaning Fanatic’s Life

Cleaning is one of those things that we all wish would just do itself. However, sometimes we're all prone to those sudden onsets of wanting everything to be clean and sparkling. Needless to say, the results are just too impressive not to share it with the rest of the world.

We at Bright Side found a few "before and after" WOW cleaning pictures and really want to show them to you. Don't miss our bonus, it is something you probably didn't expect.

1. Instead of using actual spray cans, some artists are just cleaning off dirt.

2. A moment of embarrassment – I didn't realize that it was THAT dirty...

3. Van art completed.

4. The church hasn't been cleaned since it was built 134 years ago. Everyone was sure that the stone was black.

5. This is reverse graffiti when people clean dirt to make art:

6. You might be good at cleaning, but how could you let it get to that?!

7. Hopefully, it won't rain for a while!

8. No need for shopping.

9. A bit of cleaning, and you have a new piece of jewelry.

10. When your neighbor has a power washer:

11. A true artist can create anywhere.

12. A ship got a bit of TLC.

13. Getting a brand new car is easy – just clean it.

14. Book Tower cleaning

15. Wow, you actually can walk there now!

16. Cleaning the bikes handles. Man, you should wash your hands sometimes...

17. Before and after – I didn't even know that it used to look so cool!

18. When a true artist sees dirt:

19. A perfectionist's nightmare

20. Marischal College in Aberdeen – we all thought that's just how it was built...

21. Cleaning up years of coal power in New York City...

Bonus: Moderation is the key to success!

This guy decided to clean a sword from the Spanish-American War but instead, he removed the patina which, as experts said, ruined the value of the item.

Do you have any photos that would fit into this collection? Share your stories with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit u/tulipjelly / reddit
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