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20 Times Nature Restyled Its Creations Like an Artistic Kid

Nature is a perfect imitator. You can find a tree that looks like an ear, your grandmother may grow a radish in her garden that has the shape of an ant, and a sea anemone can be the spitting image of Kenny, from South Park. The world has many little wonders in store for us.

We at Bright Side are always amazed by Mother Nature’s creativity and have found several curious things pretending to be something else.

1. This sea anemone is a copy of Kenny, from South Park.

2. “This turnip that looks like an angler fish.”

3. “The way this ice formed looks like a tiny forest”.

4. “This tree has an ear.”

5. “Man-faced shield bug.”

6. “This tree has a nose.”

7. “This mushroom looks like popcorn.”

8. “The cat makes this statue look like Elvis.”

9. “This sweet potato looks like a finger.”

10. “The snow on my husband’s car looks like cloth!”

11. The frozen stone turned into a heart.

12. “A piece of driftwood that looks just like a seagull.”

13. “I found some icicles looking like chess pieces.”

14. “Lid-less eye wreathed in flame”

15. “This leaf could have been made from wood.”

16. “This vegetable looks like an ant.”

17. The tree decided that it’s melting.

18. “This piece of dendritic opal looks like a snowy forest.”

19. “I found a rock that looks like a steak.”

20. “These flowers look like a group of tiny 3D-rendered chickens wearing glasses.”

What’s the most curious thing in nature that you’ve seen with your own eyes? Do you have photos of nature imitating other things? Please share them with us!

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, HOBoStew139 / imgur
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