20+ Times People Planted an Ordinary Seed but It Turned Out to Be a Magic Bean

While many people grow their own fruits and vegetables, only the lucky ones end up with something curiously shaped. Sometimes vegetables look nothing like we expect them to, and instead appear to be more like magical living creatures. For example, a tomato that looks just like a bunny, or a carrot that walks right toward you.

We at Bright Side are always fascinated by the wonders of nature, and here are 24 times when these surprises found their way into people’s gardens.

1. This vegetable looks like a giant foot.

2. Banana for scale

3. “Hey there, nice to meet you.”

4. “This tomato from my garden is shaped like a bunny head.”

5. Usually onions make us cry, now it’s the other way around.

6. A smiling sloth with a giant brain

7. This pepper looks powerful.

8. He had no idea you weren’t supposed to let them get this big.

9. This jalapeño has been training really hard.

10. “Found a lemon shaped like an elephant!”

11. Looks like these carrots are evolving, step by step.

12. It seems like this zucchini will start quacking soon.

13. What a cute bunny.

14. Smiling faces hiding inside the pepper

15. A vegan alternative to a Valentine’s Day card

16. “The tomato we grew looks like the Eye of Sauron.”

17. This mushroom-shaped piece of garlic

18. “This tomato that grew in our garden is shaped like a butterfly.”

19. Piranha plant

20. “My boyfriend’s homegrown potato looks like the Reddit icon!”

21. There was a swan inside the pepper.

22. “The sunflower decided to give a smile — not sure if it was shadows or seeds, but it’s wonderful nonetheless!”

23. It happened on Friday the thirteenth...

24. “A tomato my wife just picked out of our garden. No retouching, no filters.”

Have you tried to grow something yourself? What was the result? We’d love to see some photos!

Preview photo credit kmes4 / reddit
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