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20 Times People Received an Unexpected Greeting From Mother Nature

You’ll never have to guess when you’re witnessing something wonderful. And we tend to forget how omnipresent nature is: even in the office, you can still find a little frog living within the door lock. Actually, animals and plants can adapt to human environments much faster than humans themselves, however wild it sounds. So don’t be surprised when you encounter another bug at the place you least expect to.

Bright Side gathered 20 photos of how nature manifests itself in our daily life and wants to share them with you.

1. “Duck-shaped cloud over the skies of Sofia, Bulgaria”

2. “I almost ate a praying mantis that was in my salad!”

3. Frog-printing office

4. “My sunflower patch was looking pretty against the vivid sunset we had last night.”

5. “Little spider footprints across my bathroom window.”

6. “Black Swallowtail always compliments our flowers and it makes me so proud.”

7. Please, follow the sign

8. “This egg that one of my chickens laid.”

9. “I was out hiking in Japan yesterday and found what looked like a mushroom village.”

10. This frog has an impressive leg game.

11. “A lizard fell from the ceiling and left this dusty imprint on my wireless charger.”

12. “I found a bumblebee drying off under a leaf.”

13. Inky cap mushroom looks like it’s melting.

14. “Ants formed a heart on their mound.”

15. “The way these 2 guys have settled in the same colored leaf as they are”

16. This knot in the wood looks like a Frog.

17. “This frog lives in the door at work. Is it my neighbor or coworker?”

18. Bee covered in pollen. “Gotta pollinate SO hard!”

19. Godzilla сloud goes “Rawr!”

20. “My pet tortoise smiled at me!”

When was the last time nature said “Hi” to you? Share your photos with us.

Preview photo credit Reinette / Imgur, Cuteroid / reddit