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20+ Times Restaurants Took Food Serving to the Next Level

Going to a restaurant is an activity that makes us feel spoiled — other people are cooking for us, we don’t have to do the dishes, we can just relax and enjoy our favorite meal with our favorite people. Sometimes, the creativity of the staff can go further than we thought was ever possible — have you ever wanted to eat out of a shoebox or even better, from a shoe? And to top it all off, pay big bucks for it?

Today, Bright Side will show you some of the strangest food platings ever and we hope you’ll enjoy these as much as we did!

1. “Cocktail bathtub complete with rubber ducky”

2. “The sauce was dripping from the holes.”

3. “Tacos without plates?!”

4. “Yes, I would like your ’mini corn dogs on a ceramic decorative pillow’, please.”

5. “Not even sure how to drink out of this thing? Maybe a straw?”

6. “The Churro Shoe”

7. “Maybe it’s flowers?”

8. “My mashed potatoes wanted a bath, I guess.”

9. “Just a burger in a truck.”

10. “Beignets growing on a tree”

11. “I did not mind the lack of plates with these delicious croquettes.”

12. “Potato soup in a pot of parsley (you can see the straw if you look closely). The soup is in a compartment underneath the dirt.”

13. “What’s the best way to tackle this meal? Seafood special served in a vintage tackle box.”

14. “Egg-cellent fried Dutch meatballs”

15. “My son’s grilled cheese came in a doggy bowl.”

16. “Food served in shoe boxes. A friend sent me his experience.”

17. “Little bite-size appetizer served on a box of uncooked potatoes”

18. “Soup in a shell”

19. “Chips in a pine cone!”

20. “Hello and welcome — *plops down shelf* — I shall be your sandwich and pastry librarian for the evening.”

21. “Caesar salad or Charlie Brown Christmas tree?”

If you could choose, would you eat some delicious food served inside a shoe or would you rather go for some bland-tasting food served on a plate?

Preview photo credit esseeayen / Reddit
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