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20 Times When Someone Was Disguised as a Real Spy

It is so much fun seeing things accidentally assimilate with what’s around. For instance, your kitty coincidentally looks just like your towel and voila — now you have a towel that can suddenly bite you! Or you spend hours looking for your wallet, but it was sitting on the floor the whole time, camouflaged.

We at Bright Side want to share 20 pics that will make you not believe your eyes. So get ready and let’s check them out together!

1. “This marble floor probably wasn’t the best idea.”

2. This cat looks like a fluffy blanket.

3. “My pet mouse blends in with my partners pajamas.”

4. “Spent 45 minutes looking for the Kindle I JUST had in my hands. Chewie was no help.”

5. My dog’s accidental camouflage

6. Your blanket can breathe!

7. “My friend found an invisible cat in Greece.”

8. “When you see it...”

9. This photographer who assimilated with mother nature

10. “Terrible towel. Very scratchy. Does not dry well. 4/10”

11. “Digital Camouflage blends in with floral couches.”

12. “I blend in so well...”

13. “The pillow that bites”

14. “My husband found a new family at Disney.”

15. “How did I lose an entire chocolate lab?!”

16. “I could have snuck this lunch into a meeting and no one would have noticed.”

17. “I think she does this because she thinks it’s funny when I almost trip over her.”

18. “Heard some strange noises coming from my engine carriage tonight. I eventually coaxed the source out.”

19. “Girl’s dress matches my coffee mug perfectly.”

20. “My friends shoes blend in with the rocks.”

Have you ever seen this kind of “matching”? Please share your photos down below!

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