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20 Trees Whose Desire to Live Is So Strong, They Can Survive Anything

There’s an old fable about an oak tree that tried to stay strong against the wind, only to blow over. But that’s just a story, and in real life, trees can actually be pretty tough. Many can grow and thrive in the weirdest of places and in the strangest of conditions.

We at Bright Side love all things having to do with nature, so we’re sharing photos of powerful, strong trees with you.

1. If they can make above ground pools, trees were the next best step.

2. It’s like a squirrel’s answer to a roller-coaster.

3. “This tree fell over and grew 4 more trees out of itself.”

4. A tree grows in Brooklyn...

5. Fig trees are not known for their toughness...but they should be.

6. “Years of grooming to avoid power lines made this muscle tree strong.”

7. You’ve heard of gnarled trees...but never like this.

8. He’s going to grow big and strong one day...somehow.

9. Eat your heart out, Edmund Hillary.

10. Talk about those square roots...

11. It’s like a whole world of trees all in one.

12. “Found some incredibly strong tree roots in the white mountains.”

13. The desert can beat most people but not this palm tree.

14. “This really showcases the power of nature.”

15. Nobody wants to be just another brick in the wall.

16. “Mother Nature always has the upper hand.”

17. “You can fall but with a little support, one can survive and live again.”

18. No man is an island, but plants are another story.

19. Just a big tree in the big city!

20. “C’mon, everybody! Let’s do the twist!”

Have you seen other trees that have proven to be real survivors? Please share your photos with us in the comments!

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