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21 People Whose Friendships Ended Overnight for Silly Reasons

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The Doctor Who one (#3) is just so weird wtf 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ex daughter-in-law & I had been BEST friends for more than 20 years. Her little girl called me grama and to her I was always mom. Loved them like they WERE mine...We lived together several times, and we knew more about each other than anyone else. They were here one time, her daughter & my granddaughter were jumping on my bed, and I told them to stop. But I thought she was still jumping, and I said, her name, Stop! Then I saw it was my granddaughter, so I told her to stop. And then I apologized to (her name) for telling her to stop. Her mom asked her if I apologized, and I thought she said yes, and I told dilaw that yes, I did apologize.
my d-i-l had done dishes, and I asked her if she would please wipe down the fronts of my cabinets, because she could reach them, and I need a step stool. Just very simple day! But she gathered their stuff together and she said they had to go..I thought it was odd the way they left so quick, but I figured she was tired or somethng, and they live 20 miles away. That was the last time I ever talked to her.(that was 5 years ago). I only saw them at my ex-hubby's funeral, but didn't say more than 5 words, but I DID want to talk to her daughter a minute...she didn't really remember much of me and my granddaughter, and we miss that girl so much. My granddaughter even blamed herself for not seeing the daughter. (My granddaughter was 5 at the time, and the daughter was 8) But my granddaughter would cry and cry, and was so sad and blaming herself for not seeing her friend. I tried to call my d-i-l, she never answered the phone.
Her son, my grandson, came over and I asked why his mom was so mad at me..he said he asked her, and she just said (She knows)...and no, I don't know!!! Asked grandson a few months later, and he said that I have to ask mom. I told him I tried, but that she won't talk to me! Like I said, it's been 5 years! And I am almost 69, and still have no idea!!! And it has really hurt all these years..I still love them so much...any suggestions?