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22 Photos That Prove Nature Will Never Get Tired of Surprising Us

“Normality” is no longer the right way to follow. And nature clearly knows this. Natural wonders are countless. And we never get tired of seeing more and more of them. Because it’s always amazing when a bouquet can be placed in one flower or when nature gives you surprises in your dinner. If you don’t understand what we mean then you definitely should see it.

We at Bright Side adore nature’s power and its ability to create bombshells. We invite you to join us in discovering some of these said wonders.

1. A baby orange in a big one

2. Tennis balls made by nature

3. This lemon prefers to stand out in a crowd.

4. This palm can walk away.

5. Lava dying in the ocean

6. A tomato giving birth to new seeds

7. Earth and sky coming together as one

8. Double banana for more potassium

9. It’s not a mutation, it’s beauty.

10. A bouquet from such flowers must be the tastiest.

11. This fish has absorbed all the azure of the sea.

12. “This cocoon has stitched the fabric of my outdoor lounge together for protection.”

13. Oyster dinner with a surprise tiny pearl

14. Beauty burning everything in its path

15. A whole bouquet in 1 flower

16. Lake Baikal

17. This lizard knows what it means to be different.

18. Big banana for a big company

19. Marge Simpson has never been so natural.

20. Mini moon from sea glass

21. “Only the leaf skeleton remains.”

22. Nature can even paint a lotus flower black.

Which of these surprises impressed you the most? Have you ever seen something like this with your own eyes? We’d like to hear your opinions and stories in the comments.

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